Around Our Table- A modern heirloom recipe book

The North Country

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A modern heirloom recipe book to organize and preserve your family’s most cherished meals. Around our table is a blank cookbook prepared to house your family’s favorite recipes. Preserve not only recipes, but important family memories created around the dinner table within a gorgeous hardcover and beautifully formatted pages.

Includes: • 138 recipe pages to record prep time, serving size, ingredients, instructions, and memories or additional notes about each dish • organized dividers with tabs: 7 sections broken up by food category to make it easy to find what you’re looking for • 20 4×6 index cards: write down recipes you might want to remove and share with others • plastic sleeves and pocket: additional space to save recipes that have been passed down or clipped out of magazines • durable cover: stylish and study cover that is wipeable and will hold up in the kitchen.