Beeswax Candles

Scent From Nature

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From Scent from Nature

Our Beeswax Candles are not only hand poured but completely handcrafted, using solar energy. Our process is not mechanized. We pour small batches of our candles at very low temperatures. You will find only cotton wicks in our pure beeswax candles.

Being truly pure, our beeswax candles do not contain any added color or scent. Beeswax has a delicate chemical make-up and when altered, even with the highest quality materials, the chemistry changes therefore changing the way it performs when burned.

Our packaging is made of 100% Post Consumer Recycled paper and the ink uses vegetable-based dyes.

We value creating a completely handmade product which is close to nature. We feel our planet is worth it and that you, our customer, are too.

  • Calm – Long lasting golden glow and natural mild honey scent calm your senses.
  • Clean – Non Toxic. Non Allergenic. Dripless. Virtually soot free. Pure Beeswax candles are natural air purifiers, emitting negatives ions as they burn.
  • Green – 100% Natural. Honeybees make beeswax from flower nectar. Renewable. Sustainable. Responsibly packaged with earth-friendly material. Handcrafted using power from the SUN.