Cyanotype Succulent Print

Jeanne McGee

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From the Artist:

I recently fell in love with the process of making cyanotypes(sun prints) and have had a lot of fun making them! A little bit about the process: First I draw on transparency with black marker to create my image. The black ink blocks out sunlight so that all the lines drawn will be white when the paper is exposed. I coat my paper with a thin layer of Jaquard sensitizer and the let it dry in my studio closet(where it is dark!). Once it is dry I place the drawing on top of the paper and sandwich them between two sheets of plexiglass. I then take everything outside in the sun and wait about 20 minutes until the paper has been exposed. After the exposure time , I rinsed the paper with water and the white lines of the drawing appear! This process makes each print truly unique!

8 x 10"