Macrame Coasters

C-The Twistery

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From The Twistery:

This coaster is approximately 6" in diameter including the fringe on the edge. The gold section is metallic and adds a little sparkle and shine! How fun!

Coasters are the functional way to add decor to your home! If a loved one of yours is trying to tell you that you have to "stop decorating," don't. Coasters can be your last play to claim that you're "saving the furniture."

All jokes aside, I think coasters are pretty great. I especially love this because it has the bohemian element with the colored cord and fun pattern, but also a minimalist and modern look with the circular design. While I wouldn't recommend spilling wine all over this (unless you're trying to dye it pink; in that case go ahead), it does work great to keep guests from leaving water marks on your furniture. Bonus! This also can work great serving as a trivet for your pots and pans in your kitchen.

** Each one has a slightly different pattern so please message us if you would like we specific one.