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The North Country

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Beautifully created candles, handmade in Portland by the woman-owned business, Wildwood Candle Co.

Hand-poured natural soy wax blend, essential oils & fragrance. Eco-friendly, ethically sourced & produced. Petroleum, lead, gmo & phthalate free. Naturally processed & sourced wooden wicks from the forest stewardship council (fsc) that partners with trees.org. All materials sourced in usa. 

Wildwood Candle Co. donates 5% of profits to the Forest Park Conservancy annually. The Forest Park Conservancy plays the most important role in maitaining the ecological health and soft surface trails of the park through it's staff, technicians and volunteers. 


Top: teakwood, eucalyptus, pine Middle: cedar, cypress, bayberry Base: patchouli, musk, cedar.

The Birch Trail in Forest Park is short but sweet. Clocking in at only .2 miles long, it mostly serves as a connector trail to wildwood from northwest 53rd drive. This scent was inspired by the name and what the visualization of birch trees evokes; it's fit for burning on a colorful, crisp fall day cozying up to a book, as well as a cold, snowy winter landscape with a cup of hot cocoa. Teakwood, musk and patchouli notes are reminiscent of old library pages; the cypress, bayberry, pine and eucalyptus are uplifting winter foliage at its best.


Top: sandalwood Middle: pine, lemon Base: palo santo, peppermint.

The Alder Trail connects Leif Erikson to Wildwood, which was completed in 1980. Deciduous red alder, cedar and big-leaf maple primarily line this trail, which inspired this scent to be heavily and richly woody. It is surely one that will uplift and soothe your spirit.


Top: smoked woods Middle: fir, balsam, cedar, pine, red berries Base: charred woods, crackling embers.

Historically, Forest Park has had 3 major fires. Two in the late 1800s, and the most recent in 1951, burning over 2,400 acres. Since then, firelanes were implemented and bulldozed to provide quick access in the event of any blaze. Another reminder to keep the wild fire in you (and your candle), although who doesn't love the smell of wood fire smoke?

Leif Erikson-

Top: bay leaf, white cedarwood Middle: zesty citrus Base: oakmoss, tobacco.

Leif Erikson drive was initially constructed to promote development at the turn of the 20th century, but instead ended up being one of the main reasons forest park was preserved. Originally coined as hillside drive, developers desired to transform this steep hillside area into neighborhoods and build homes. Geologically, this area is risky to build on with wet, unstable conditions resulting in landslides, and costs discouraged further development. The road remained, and in the 1920s cars would attempt to drive through it, but the frequency of landslides prevented regular traffic. The sons of Norway persuaded the city to rename the road after leif erikson, the first known European and Icelandic explorer to have discovered North America.